• Jarryd Powell

BREAKING: Jarryd Powell Releases Statement on Petition

Did you read that my petition was rejected by the city? Does this mean the petition is over? It must mean that there were fundamental issues, right? Well, it indicates another issue I would like to discuss, the citizen and government disconnect.

I wish to let you in on something. We, the community members that are working on this issue, expected the first submission to be rejected. Why? There is a noticeable lack of direction in the city code of how citizens, like us, can exercise the powers vested in us. The city code enables us to petition the government and under such petitioning power, there is the ability to request a recall election.

Frankly, this issue and the language that must be used is relatively complex. Lawyers had to be consulted. That necessity for lawyers concerns me. Wording and formatting issues led to the request that we resubmit. Citizens should be able to petition the government in a far more streamlined fashion. There are no official examples that I could find that exemplify the proper means of how to initiate a petition. The only written guide we had was the legalese that is the city code and examples of other community-led efforts such as the human rights ordinance.

I feel this displays an evident need for there to be a public information packet that explains to the people how to launch petitions that they are passionate about. Such a packet should contain example forms so that citizens need not do as much guesswork as we had to do.

We? Yes, you read that right. The article may have used my name more than six times, but that changes nothing about who is in power in this movement. Hint: it is not me. It is the people of our passionate community enough to speak up on this issue. I am honored to be in a spot where my status as a candidate can promote the concerns of others.

That is what a good government should be: people, not politicians, leading the policy agenda of our government. The fact that such a notion sounds odd demonstrates the need for reform. The government is instituted to represent our voice, especially those of that have had their voice suppressed.

I am not what you should be focusing on. You should be focusing on what your neighbors are saying. What your fellow West Virginian’s are saying. Even if you disagree with everything that I support, I thank you for dissent. Dissent is what our founders built this nation upon and necessary for good government.

I wish to conclude by thanking those who remain the real leaders in this story. People like us. People that are not in places of power that just wish to see our community be led to a better tomorrow. Whenever my name is used, and they attempt to make me the focus, I will remind them of where the attention should be directed. The people. You.


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