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  • Jarryd Powell


Dear Reader,

I think it will be wise for me to document my thoughts and feelings about the present. Hence, this work. Even as I work to understand the gravity of my time at WVU, I feel like things are still a bit pointless. Yet, for some odd reason, I feel like that knowing it might be meaningless provides us a reason to chase meaning in our time here. Admitly, this blog is my current attempt at chasing motivation in the form of meaning.

I am adrift on the spacetime of life, searching for some means of navigation. Our humanity dictates that we can be inspired and called to do impressive things. Through my experience, I have come to appreciate the fact that every action we take has the possibility of being a pivotal moment within our lives. At any time, we can make a sprint towards the manifestation of our wildest dreams and do the work required. Yet the totality of possible accomplishments seems incompatible with the profound nihilism that has taken hold in our society.

I’ve been thinking about the poem Ozymandias. Even if I am to build great works in this life, they too shall fall victim to the power of time. Much like my mortal body, so too shall my thoughts and works, in their due time, be destined to the same grave as my body. Such a realization should be paired with the caveat that this is the rule for all of us. This being but a blink of the universe can, at times, make me feel so powerless.

Power can be found in the fact that the next generation’s works will require our times’ great works. On the back of the dollar bill is an unfinished pyramid under the all-seeing eye. Just as the American Founders understood their new nation to be a work in progress, we must similarly view ourselves, so that we may continue to progress as individuals and as a civilization.

We are the tenders of a garden that is not solely our own. Our deeds may not flower entirely while we are here to see, but the results of our actions will leave a better world for the next caretakers of our metaphorical physical garden. It is on us to take care of ourselves so that we may take care of others.

We must wield the tools of our respective crafts so that we may find our sense of competency and meaning. We must dare to create so that the grip of the fear of our own mortality will be secondary to our desire to create art. With the understanding that life itself is art for the sentient stardust of the universe. While this work will die in its own time, its existence within this present moment gives it both value and profound meaning. While these words will share many others’ fate in the confines of oblivion, the rebellion in its creation is meaningful.

My hope is that as I ascribe meaning to my works of words, I too will grow to ascribe value to the individual that wrote them. I hope that, if you haven’t already, you will grow to see that this profound experience of existence has meaning because of its rebellious nature.

I look forward to being able to share my other thoughts and reflections with you. I appreciate you for taking the time from your day to read my attempts to use this artistic form to express myself and my thoughts.

In Unity,


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