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A Better Tomorrow for West Virginia

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A better West Virginia for all West Virginians 

Almost Heaven West Virginia 

not almost 50th

Our state is no stranger to pain. As West Virginians, the crises in our state aren't just news articles or political talking points, they are real issues impacting our communities and our fellow West Virginians. The average West Virginian suffers in silence. When courage is found to speak of the pain we are in, the state government seems to not be our voice.


From a drug epidemic pushed on us by Big Pharma, to a lack of health care because of corporate greed and corruption, we see that special interest isn't looking out for us.

I saw the pain first hand in our public schools. Children outside of school don't know when their next meal will come, or where they will sleep that night.  Teachers that are given so little yet asked so much. People with medical conditions, such as diabetes, that worry about how they will afford the ludicrous rates set for medication that they need to live. 

Yet to attempt to list all of the problems our state and those of us that call it home face would be next to impossible. So we must name the way we fight back. We empower our fellow working-class West Virginians. 

Together we can make it so that Charleston is fighting for us to stop the issues we are facing. 

We can make it so our home among the hills lives up to being Almost Heaven rather than being almost 50th. 

It will take a thousand leaders not one to win the government that our state deserves. No one candidate will solve all of the issues we as a state face. 

It for that reason that West Virginia Can't-Wait has worked to have over ten thousand conversations with working-class West Virginians. 

The result of these conversations was a platform that was made by the people of our state, not special interest. Click the WV Can't Wait logo to read our plans! 

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