I am Jarryd Powell, and I want to fight for a better tomorrow for West Virginia.


I have always fought for and advocated for what was right to advance our great state. I have a passion for the great state of West Virginia and the people that are lucky enough to call it home. It absolutely breaks my heart to see the pain that our state is in. I hope to work to lead us from pain to prosperity. I can’t do this alone, this will be bigger than me. We will need to work together to make our state the best state that it can be.


I am a proud product of our public education system and want to ensure future generations of West Virginians receive a world class education. I want to put our economy on a path that will lead to prosperity for all West Virginians, not outside special interest. The impacts of the great recession hit the mountain state extra hard, so I want to work for the people of our state to ensure greater economic achievement for all West Virginians. I, like that vast majority of you, have sadly seen the impact that drugs have on our state. I want to work to reform the policies in our state to end the crisis.


I hope to work to earn your support. I hope that together the ideals of a better tomorrow for West Virginia will be achieved.

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